Sentarum Lake

7 Cool dan Hidden Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan

7 Cool dan Hidden Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan, Talking about tourist destinations in Kalimantan, your mind may immediately konsentrasi on the exoticism of the Derawan islands. It is undeniable, Derawan is indeed a piece of heaven. The beauty of its beaches and underwater gardens is hard to describe in words, making it a gem for the island of Borneo; make anyone want to set foot there.

In fact, the beauty of Borneo is not only limited to Derawan, you know. There are still many amazing places that are worth exploring. Curious about the hidden exoticism on the island of Borneo? Let’s find cool and hidden tourist attractions in Kalimantan together through this article!

1. Sentarum Lake

1. Sentarum Lake

There is a special uniqueness that you can find when visiting Sentarum Lake. This lake, which is located in Kapuas Hilir Regency, West Kalimantan, is not an ordinary lake. During the rainy season, this lake looks like a collection of water that rusaks the forest. But, try to come in the dry season, you will not find a lake, but a forest and a field with a little water that looks like a puddle.

Yes, Sentarum Lake is a seasonal lake. Flanked by mountains, this lake is the main source for the flow of the Kapuas river. Because its role as a giant lebak lebung is penting for the survival of wild animals and humans, this place was declared a protected national park.

If you claim to be adventurous, it’s a shame if you miss visiting this lake when you setop by in West Kalimantan. When the rainy season arrives and the lake is rising, you can explore the lake with a local resident’s motorboat. Even if you don’t look at the trees, it’s enough to refresh your view. 7 Cool dan Hidden Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan,

2. Melawai Beach

Judging from its geographical location facing east, it seems difficult to find a spot to watch the sunset in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. However, that assumption will be broken after you visit Melawai beach which is not far from the city center. The position of the beach which is in a small bay makes it the best sunset viewing location in Balikpapan.

To get to this beach, you only need to take a 5-minute drive from the city center. Don’t bother arriving. In addition to the beautiful sunset view , you can also see the transport ships milling about in the Semayang port.

There is also Pig Island which can be reached on foot at low tide. When it’s dark, the view of gas flares from the chimneys of an oil refinery will accompany the hubbub of cafes on this beach.

3. Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting

Due to deforestation, the survival of orangutans in Kalimantan is increasingly threatened. Fortunately, there is a conservation tempat that is home to them in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan. This vast wilderness momentually became a sanctuary for endangered orangutans and various other animals.

With a ranger, entering the forest to meet orangutans is an pengalaman to look forward to. You can see the extraordinary orangutan hanging out while devouring the food provided by the rangers. Some are also trained to be more friendly with humans, you know. So, don’t be surprised if suddenly a baby orangutan approaches you.

4. Muara Kuin Floating Pasar, Banjarmasin.

Muara Kuin Floating Pasar, Banjarmasin.

He said, if you want to observe activities and interact directly with local people, come to the traditional pasar. In Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, you will find a unique pasar. Not in a permanent building with its stalls, but on a jukung or boat on the Kuin river.

Sellers and buyers in this floating pasar usually transact until 9 am. So, if you want to santai the excitement of the floating pasar, you can’t be lazy to get up early. With a kelotok or motorized wooden boat, you can shop for various produce such as vegetables and fruit, souvenirs, or hunt for culinary menus.

5. Judul Bridge on Bangkirai Hill

Judul Bridge on Bangkirai Hill

Exploring Kalimantan tourism is not complete without exploring its tropical rain forest. Well, in Kutai Kartanegara Regency, there is an ecotourism tempat in the form of an unspoiled tropical rain forest, namely Bangkirai Hill.

You can santai the melodious chirping of birds and other wildlife. In this place, there is an ikonik 150 year old bangkirai tree.

If you have enough guts, climbing the Judul Bridge will be a thrilling pengalaman. This bridge is in the form of a canopy bridge which is located at a height and connects one Bangkirai tree to another.

In addition, this tempat is also equipped with cottages, swimming pools, restorans, and camping ground. So, you can explore the forest without the hassle of thinking about food and accommodation.

6. Flower Island

Flower Island

You can find other interesting forest tours on Flower Island. This 50-hectare island is a naturally formed delta in the middle of the Barito river. This tempat is a komunitas for herds of long-tailed macaques and various tipes of birds.

That said, this monkey herd was led by the monkey king—Surely not Sun Go Kong, anyway. However, these monkeys are sacred by the local Chinese. In fact, in the middle of the forest there is an altar in the form of a statue of a white monkey or Hanuman.

You can reach the island which is located in Barito Kuala Regency, South Kalimantan by riding a motorboat from the Barito river bank.

7. Wet Rice Island and its white sand

Wet Rice Island and its white sand

Who would have thought that there was a hidden paradise in Bontang, East Kalimantan, which incidentally is an industrial city? This hidden paradise is not located in the city, but off the coast. By taking 45 minutes from Tanjung Laut Harbor, you can set foot in this hidden paradise: Pulau Beras Basah.

Pulau Beras Basah is a tiny island that has white sandy beaches and exotic underwater scenery. The towering lighthouse adds to the island’s charm. Wait until dusk comes, you will be amazed. Want to stay? Don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water and a tent.