These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists

These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists

These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists, the COVID-19 pandemic has been around for the last three years. However, several countries have now started to open their borders and welcome foreign tourists again.

Of course this is good news is not it? Especially for those of you who like to travel and travel abroad.

The following is a list of countries that have received foreign tourist visits and can become exciting holiday destinations in 2022. These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists

These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists

These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists

Get ready for the holidays! These 5 Countries Have Been Opened To Tourists, Including Countries

1. Australia
After nearly two years of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entrance to Australia officially opened on February 21, 2022. Kangaroo country opens its borders to those who have been double vaccinated.

Travelers who have received an approved and approved Theuratics Goods Administration (TGA) COVID-19 vaccine can travel to Australia freely without the need to submit a travel plan.

In addition, internationals must also hold a valid Australian visa, and comply with the requirements of their section or territory of arrival.

Future travelers to Australia are also asked to stay informed at regular intervals, and check the requirements for stopovers.

2. Singapore
Currently, Singapore is starting to open its borders to foreign tourists in several countries, including Indonesia. In fact, the Singapore government plans to allow foreign tourists to enter the country without going through both. The condition is already vaccinated twice. This rule will take effect after the Omicron wave has passed.

As for tourists from Indonesia, they can travel freely through the Vaccination Travel Route (VTL). Citing the official website, VTL is a special route for tourism from one country to another with certain requirements.

Only need to show proof of complete vaccination, PCR test results or Antigen-Rapid Test (ART) test with negative results that have been carried out within 2 days before tourists depart, as well as perform a PCR test upon arrival in Singapore.

3. Malaysia
As of April 1, 2022, neighboring Malaysia will reopen its international borders. The decision was made after considering various aspects, including vaccination programs and COVID-19 risk management.

Reportedly, tourists who have received the full dose of vaccine are no longer required to undergo fasting. They only traveled to undergo a PCR test 2 days before, as well as an antigen test within 24 hours of arriving in Malaysia.

Thus, at this time Malaysia has just opened the gate for Singapore. The other countries will be regulated in more detail and announced in the near future.

4. Thailand
Starting March 1, the Thai government relaxed procedures for tourists to enter the country. The main requirement for foreign tourists must be fully vaccinated.

In addition, tourists are required to take a PCR test on arrival in Thailand, and do it at the hotel 1 night before the results are out. Furthermore, they do not need to undergo a second PCR test or a five-day treatment.

5. Turkey
Turkey is known to have opened its doors to foreign tourists since a few months ago. This country is already crowded with tourists, especially after the government heavily promoted the ‘Hello Turkiye’ campaign to international tourists.

Launching the Antara page, to enter Turkey, you no longer need a PCR test on arrival, provided that you have a complete dose of vaccine.

Even though the COVID-19 case has started to slow down, during the holidays, the health protocols should not be relaxed. To be calm and protected, you must also prepare travel insurance.

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